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Greetings and welcome to my website, Natural Movement and Creative Wellbeing. I am Belinda Meares (Dip. A.T., Dip. Fine Arts, and InterPlay® Leader). I teach body mindfulness, dance, and voice-movement improvisation. My modalities are the Alexander Technique, FUNky Fitness Dance and InterPlay®.

Natural Movement and Creative Wellbeing evolved from my desire to link creative exploration with practices that foster health and vitality. My personal journey has shown me that integrating the power of creativity and imagination in the quest for wellbeing liberates both student and teacher. Together we develop expansive pathways of movement and expression that balance body, mind and spirit so that your whole being functions in harmonious connection.


This fully embodied approach invites you to draw on your unique talents and life experiences. The best way to restore wellbeing and ease in all you do is to let go your fears of being inadequate or wrong. From this point of acceptance, choices leading to transformative change are positive and enduring, and the process is fun.