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The Power of Play! InterPlay 2018
Sundays, 1 - 5pm: 11 March, 1 July, 12 August, 7 October, 2 December.
Address: Addington Haven, 19 Church Square, (off Grove Road), Addington
Cost: $40 regular, $25 concession (or what's affordable).

Lyttelton Winter Festival Play
Thursday 7 - 9pm, 28 July
Trinity Recreation Centre
Cost: $20 regular, $10 concession or time-bank credits

SUMMERPLAY with Trish Watts,  2 - 4 Feb 2018
Christchurch, Addington Haven
Trish Watts, gifted, gracious and hugely experienced co-founder of InterPlay Australia will lead this 'untensive' 3-day journey of creative fun, discovery and connection. Trish is also a Voice Movement therapist, choir leader, singer-songwriter, and international teacher/facilitator. See,  and 
Cost: Early bird (by 22 Dec 2017) - 3 days, $250 regular; $220 concession: 2 days, $160 regular; $140 concession.
After 22 December - 3 days, $280 regular; $250 concession: 2 days, $200 regular; $180 concession.
A one-day option may be considered, depending on numbers. Also, contact Belinda to discuss other payment options if affordability is an issue.  To register, go to Contact page