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I am privileged to bring a wealth of influences to my work in movement and wellbeing. In the 1980s I studied and performed physical theatre in Paris, France. During this period, I also discovered African music and dance.
In 1995 I qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher in Auckland, New Zealand, and went on to establish a  practice there. I also taught African-inspired dance classes in the community, in schools and to tertiary-level dance students.
In 2003 I moved to NSW, Australia, where I learned InterPlay® and completed the Life Practice and Leadership programmes. I also obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts.
In 2011 I returned to my rural roots in North Canterbury, New Zealand, where I am offering my services in Amberley and Christchurch. I also travel and teach around the country. I continue to be closely involved with the Australian InterPlay community and am currently a board member of InterPlay Australia

For many years I have sung in community choirs, and include vocal development in my teaching practice.