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The Power of Play! InterPlay 2018
Sundays, 1 - 5pm: 11 March, 1 July, 12 August, 7 October, 2 December.
Address: Addington Haven, 19 Church Square, (off Grove Road), Addington
Cost: $40 regular, $25 concession (or what's affordable).

Lyttelton Winter Festival Play
Thursday 7 - 9pm, 28 July
Trinity Recreation Centre
Cost: $20 regular, $10 concession or time-bank credits

SUMMERPLAY with Trish Watts,  2 - 4 Feb 2018
Christchurch, Addington Haven
Trish Watts, gifted, gracious and hugely experienced co-founder of InterPlay Australia will lead this 'untensive' 3-day journey of creative fun, discovery and connection. Trish is also a Voice Movement therapist, choir leader, singer-songwriter, and international teacher/facilitator. See,  and 
Cost: Early bird (by 22 Dec 2017) - 3 days, $250 regular; $220 concession: 2 days, $160 regular; $140 concession.
After 22 December - 3 days, $280 regular; $250 concession: 2 days, $200 regular; $180 concession.
A one-day option may be considered, depending on numbers. Also, contact Belinda to discuss other payment options if affordability is an issue.  To register, go to Contact page


Phil Porter, InterPlay co-founder

Phil Porter, InterPlay co-founder