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FUNky Fitness Dance – Dance your way to buoyant good form!

A vibrant way to gain stamina, tone and flexibility, FUNky Fitness Dance is an exhilarating workout to uplifting rhythms from around the world.


This practice is for you if you want to bring the joy of dance into your life, without having to learn tricky steps or routines. The sessions are lightly structured around the teaching of core moves, followed by a time for free-form dancing during which you can ask for guidance or just do your own funky thing. 

I believe that dance is latent in all of us and is indeed our birthright. In developing FUNky Fitness, I have drawn on my insights into African dance, which is earthy and fluid, dynamic and graceful, inclusive and playful. This exuberant yet unforced way of dancing treats the whole body to supple, undulating movements that free up the spine and hone muscular tone and coordination. 

Over a course of classes, I will teach you safe, grounded ways of moving that engage your core, revive your sensuality, and help you unwind. You will feel encouraged to expand your own dance repertoire and express yourself more creatively. My guidance is infused with Alexander Technique expertise, to ensure that you understand and practise ways of moving that are balanced and resilient.


I teach dance classes at StoHo Studio, Amberley, and also offer private sessions. I am available as a guest tutor to schools and performing arts institutions.




Dance classes are fun and lift my spirits, and I love trying out the new style when I dance socially. I'm so delighted that I can boogie all night and for the first time in years I don't feel sore next day - thanks to the way Belinda combines the Alexander Technique with African dance in her teaching.”  Susie


Pearl Primus, (1919 – 1994), a pioneer of African/Caribbean dance in America, said that when we truly dance, "all time stops, the air draws back and the past, the present and the future merge into a single, indescribable jewel in eternity.”