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InterPlay – Rekindle your Rapture in Life!

Life doesn't have to be so serious. Are you longing to recapture that elusive sense of glee that comes so readily to children? Are you curious to explore parts of yourself that haven't had much playtime since you became a "grown-up"? 

InterPlay brings a sense of ease and joy to being fully present in the moment by making creative play accessible and fun, for everyone. The method is based on simple improvisation techniques that integrate movement, voice, word-play and reflection.
InterPlay invites you to value the wisdom of your body and your unique life story through forms of interactive play. The forms provide a flexible framework that leads players to explore their inventive, funny and profound selves, in a supportive and inspirational context. No performance experience is necessary, just a willingness to be surprised and to share in each other's authentic expression in an affirming way.

For performers (actors, dancers, singers, story-tellers), InterPlay's integrated approach will help you expand your repertoire and open you to exquisite ways of responding and creating in the moment.

The practice can be enjoyed by people of all ages and circumstances. As a pathway for exploring ourselves and our connections, InterPlay helps individuals heal and grow, and fosters creative collaboration within communities.

"Because it affects all parts of our experience—body, mind, heart and spirit—InterPlay gently reorients us, gives us a new way of looking at things, provides a place where we get to know ourselves and each other. It may seem strange that the simple practices of telling stories, of moving, of using our voices can have such an effect. But these are the activities that for millenia have given people the place to explore and understand their own experiences and even more importantly to do that in community." Phil Porter

InterPlay® was founded in California around 1990 by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, of the non-profit organisation Body Wisdom Inc.

The US and Australian InterPlay organisations support the fostering of InterPlay in New Zealand. Since introducing the practice to New Zealand in 2013, I have offered regular sessions in Christchurch, Auckland and elsewhere. As well as group play sessions, InterPlay offers trainings for personal development and leadership through its Life Practice and Leadership programmes.
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"We shared light-hearted laughter until our bellies and jaws ached, and we went into deep personal places, but it always felt safe and the overriding description was that it was fun,” Heidi, Auckland InterPlay

“It was a delight to feel any barriers of self-consciousness dissolve quickly and feel the playful loving connections with the group emerge naturally,” Mary-Jo, Christchurch InterPlay
“The experience was so enjoyable and I buzzed for days. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and reassuring us all that we must continue to play. It’s so good for the soul. I am so grateful to have had the privilege to be part of a group of stunning people. Thank you.” 
Jan, Christchurch InterPlay